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We are part of our local community. We live, work, and play alongside the people we serve. We work hard to keep our local communities healthy, safe and economically vibrant.

社区 Events

社区 Service

Grant PUD is more than a power company, our customers are also our neighbors. Grant PUD encourages community service. We sponsor a number of events, including a food drive to benefit those throughout Grant County. 

The collective efforts of Grant PUD and its employees was reconized by the American Public Power Association (APPA). Grant PUD recieved the associations national award honoring the utilities commitment to the communities we serve.

You can learn about all of Grant PUD's ongoing efforts in our entry submission 对光电.

Grant PUD employee collecting food for our "Fill the Bucket" food drive

Grant County Fair

Join us each August at the Grant County Fairgrounds for the Grant County Fair. In addition to fun giveaway items found at our booth, visitors can also explore the culture of the Wanapum at their traveling exhibit. Also, every evening Grant PUD’s line crew provides their electrical safety demonstration.

Grant PUD employee giving out freebies at the fair booth

Archeology Days

In October, schools from around Grant County visit the Wanapum Heritage Center for Archeology Days. Archaeology Days provides a fun and interactive experience for all to learn more about the Wanapum way of life. Enjoy hands-on activities and events as well as expert speakers on a host of cultural, historical and natural topics. For more information, visit Wanapum.org.

archaeology days

Share the Warmth

Share the Warmth is a community-sponsored program that allows you to pay a little extra on your monthly winter power bill to help others who can't. Grant PUD has supported this program for more than four decades.

Share the Warmth 标志

Who will I be helping?

Those in need of our help are your neighbors – often elderly folks on fixed incomes, single-income families trying to make ends meet or just people who find themselves in difficult situations where they are not able to pay their electric bills.

How will people get my donation?

Grant PUD keeps Share the Warmth donations in a designated fund. Customers are qualified for the program by Grant PUD staff. The maximum granted to individual customers is $300 per a 12-month period.

Why donate to Share the Warmth?

Let’s face it, making ends meet under normal income circumstances can be a challenge. And for some of our neighbors that are on a limited income it is even more difficult. That’s why there’s Share the Warmth.

How can I contribute to Share the Warmth?

  • As a Grant PUD customer, you can give anytime. Simply write in an amount on your monthly bill and add it to your payment.
  • For those that pay their bill online look for the donation feature when you pay.
  • Call 509-766-2505 to make a donation over the phone.
Donors of more than $10 will receive a 1099 tax-credit form.


Grant PUD's Pay-it-Forward fund with the Columbia Basin Foundation provides opportunity for Grant PUD customers to contribute to various projects benefitting the community. Prior donations to the Pay-it-Forward fund have gone to support Big Bend 社区 College's Workforce 教育 Center, local food banks, education programs for kids, and Share the Warmth. For more information on how to contribute to the Pay-it-Forward fund please contact info@ColumbiaBasinFoundation.

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