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Grant PUD wants to ensure your safety and security. Please be aware that we DO NOT employ third-party call centers for Energy Services Home Audits, Energy Rebates, or conservation measures. If anyone contacts you claiming to represent Grant PUD for these purposes, exercise caution. Trust only our authorized team members, who arrive in marked vehicles with proper identification badges. Doubtful about a scheduled audit? Call us at 509-766-2512 to confirm appointment details.

Rooftop Solar FAQs

You may have been hearing more about rooftop solar for homes and businesses lately. The frequently asked questions section will help answer some of the more common questions we receive at Grant PUD regarding these programs. 

Does Grant PUD encourage or discourage home solar installs?

Grant PUD has a neutral stance on home solar installs. We encourage customers to go into your solar investment fully educated, with clear expectations. Be careful when speaking to solar company salespeople as some of their claims may be untrue for our area. 

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