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In its regular January 24, 2023, meeting, Grant County PUD Commissioners approved a slight reduction to Rate Schedule 17 effective February 1, 2023. Concurrently on the same date, crypto-mining is considered an Evolving Industry and subject to Rate Schedule 17. Grant PUD will be enforcing Rate Schedule 17 through Customer supplied attestations, load reviews, and other confirmation methods to ensure all cryptocurrency mining is on this rate. If any portion of the load at a premises is crypto mining, the entire load at that premises shall use Rate Schedule 17. Separating the load into Evolving Industry and regular requires the installation of a separate meter for the cryptoming at the Customer’s expense.

Rate Schedule 17 bifurcates the New Load Application queue into separate Traditional and Evolving Industry queues with resources being prioritized to satisfy the Traditional queue.


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If you are a customer using 500 kW and above we are here to help. Whether you’re looking for general information or seeking to expand your service learn more at the links below.

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